In Vanssen we model nature to the customer’s taste.

Vanssen Woodwork is a brand conceived by the need to harmonize human beings and nature. For the desire to move the forest home, to your space. It arises from the passion for the beautiful, the unique, the unrepeatable.

The Origins

Vanssen was born in 2017 and comes from a new generation of other Wood companies for more than 40 years. The use of wood has always been important for us because of its clear advantages over the environment.

Wood is the most ecological raw material. It is a renewable forest resource whose sustainable use and subsequent processing does not harm the environment. The use of wood helps mitigate CO2 in the atmosphere.




In Vanssen we manufacture different types of decorative products, all of them in Solid Wood. We have our own factory, located in Eastern Europe, where we produce our entire catalog of products, all from the very origin of nature.

Most of our products are made to measure. In Vanssen we like to say that: “we model nature to the client’s taste”. We specialize in creating exclusive and unique forms through the use of solid wood.


To guarantee the quality of our products, in Vanssen we select the logs in the forest itself and classify them for use in each product.

The finishes: oils or varnishes, which we use are ecological and environmentally friendly.

We take care of shaping your imagination, modeling nature to your style and personality, taking care of even the smallest detail to guarantee the quality of all our products.

In Vanssen we are aware of the importance of the use of wood with great resistance and density to guarantee its durability, that is why we have specialized in the Oak to be able to affirm the advantages that our products have over similar ones manufactured in other species with worse technical characteristics.