Shaping Nature

In Vanssen we model nature to suit our customers.

Contract Projects

We adjust to the needs of each project.


Decorative Panels

Wood panels designed for public or private spaces.


Custom Furniture.

We make furniture adapted to you.


In Vanssen we model nature to the client’s taste.

Vanssen Woodwork is a brand conceived by the need to harmonize the human being and nature. For the desire to move the forest to the home, to your space. It arises from the passion for the beautiful, the unique, the unrepeatable.

Massif Wood Decoration

In Vanssen we manufacture different types of decorative products, all of them in Solid Wood. In our sawmill every day of the year we receive logs of different species that we select carefully for each product. All of them manufactured from the very origin of nature. Finished with natural and ecological oils or varnishes that respect the environment.

Specialists in creating exclusive and unique shapes through the use of solid wood.

In Vanssen we design and manufacture products in fine woods. A part of the forest, a part of us is what you will have in your home, in your space, in your life. We take care of shaping your imagination, we model nature according to your style and personality. Tailored Solid Wood Tables, adaptable to any type of person and space.

Vanssen was born in 2017 and comes from a new generation of other companies dedicated to wood for more than 40 years. The use of wood has always been important for us because of its clear advantages with respect to the environment.

Wood is the most ecological raw material. It is a renewable forest resource whose sustainable use and subsequent processing does not harm the environment. The use of wood helps mitigate CO2 in the atmosphere.

“Receive a warm welcome to your new world in wood.”