Vanssen Madera Maciza

Decoration with Solid Wood- Vanssen Woodwork models nature to customer’s taste.

Vanssen Woodwork is a brand conceived from the need to harmonize human and nature. For the desire to move the forest to the home, to your space. It arises from the passion for the beautiful, the unique, the unrepeatable.

Mesas de Madera Maciza Vanssen

Specialists in creating exclusive and unique shapes through the use of solid wood.

From our sawmill where every day of the year we receive logs and species that we select for each product, we promulgate the following decalogue:

Our idiosyncrasy is harmony

Our flag sustainability

Our goal to thrill

Our desire to share

In Vanssen we design and manufacture products in noble woods. Part of the forest, Part of us is what you will have in your home, in your space, in your life.

With as much or as little, as having something of us we can feel satisfied and proud of our work.

Paneles de Madera Vanssen

  “Receive a warm welcome to your new wood world.”